Special Dharma Class


  • We (HSYWE) are starting a Special Buddhist Dharma class to provide explanations of the daily prayers you recite!
  • Explanations will be in simple Tibetan as well as Nepali. All interested personels are welcome to attend.

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A talk program titled "Drugs, Alcoholism and HIV Awareness" was conducted at HSYWE's premise, Mahankal Boudha on Saturday, 11th February 2012. HSYWE's 24th talk program was organised and funded by SV-BECSE Project, HSYWE Nepal and resource persons were arranged by Sober Recovery and Rehabilitation Center, Jorpati. The focus of the program was prevention rather than treatment of unwanted state of physical, mental and social.





On December 15th, 2011, a special talk program titled "Basics of Tibetan Buddhism with an Overview of Tara (Dolma). Similar program was conducted in the 2nd Reading Room, Swoyambhu.

Though it is immensely difficult to share the whole meaning of the Dolma-probably the most chanted prayers in Tibetan Buddhism after Om Mane Padme Hun, in just couple of hours, the resource person made it simple and provided participants with gist of Dolma prayer. And the fact that the resource person was also from Himalayan ethnic community helped the audiences to connect with the program well. Out of love for own community, the resource person urged people not to involve in any kind of tobacco or alcoholic activities.The resource person used real and catchy examples in between the program which helped the participants to understand the theme of the program better. And friendly and informal approach by the resource person made this program interactive one. Click here to view the whole report.


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