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Earthquake Relief Programs.

1 'Post-Traumatic Stress Recovery for Earthquake survivors' Read More
2 'Free Health and Wellbeing Camp for Earthquake survivors' Read More
3 HSYWE-Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort :Changu Narayan(Sindhupalchok people) Read More
4 HSYWE - Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort : Ramechap Read More
5 HSYWE - Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort : Nuwakot Read More
6 HSYWE - Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort : Kathmandu Read More
7 HSYWE - Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort : Ikudole Read More
8 HSYWE - Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort : Rasuwa Read More
9 HSYWE - Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort - Sindhupalchowk Read More


The Himalayan Society for Youth and Women Empowerment (HSYWE) is dedicated to empowering the Himalayan and trans-Himalayan ethnic communities in Nepal. Launched in 2006, HSYWE's mission is to:
  • preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage and unique identity of Himalayan and trans-Himalayan peoples
  • improve communication and comprehension by way of Tibetan and English language programs
  • provide vocational and educational scholarships for underprivileged youth
  • enhance personal and community development through awareness programs
  • reduce unemployment by offering job placement assistance
  • Serving primarily disadvantaged youth and women, HSYWE strives to preserve tradition while simultaneously equipping its participants with the skills needed to thrive in the modern world.

The organisation is spearheaded by the Board Executive Committee and an Advisory Board and funded by the SV-BECSE Project of The Netherlands. Our team of socially responsible, concerned leaders is devoted to addressing the need for higher educational opportunities, vocational training, language skills, employment and cultural preservation among Nepal’s Himalayan communities. The services provided by HSYWE will ultimately build confidence, stimulate economic self-reliance, cultivate leaders and professionals, foster social uplift and uphold a treasured culture.
HSYWE headquarters are located in Mahankal-Baudha in northeast Kathmandu, Nepal. In order to better serve a wider audience, HSYWE recently opened at another location, The Second Reading Room, in west Kathmandu’s Swayambhu area.

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Event Reports

Practical Accounting Training (PAT-II)

... HSYWE organized a workshop on "Practical Accounting Training (PAT-II) for the staff ,monks and nuns from different monastries with the help of re...
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Workshop on Career Counselling and Perso...

... HSYWE organized yearly workshop on "Career Counselling and Personality Development" for 29 students of class X from Srongtsen Bhrikuti Board...
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